Theaters and movies seen recently

More cheerful post today: I have lived here for a week, and I have been to three of the four movie theaters within these two towns.

Theaters reviewed:
Theater Name: The Bijou Arts Cinema
Movie Seen: Little Miss Sunshine
Price: $5 (weeknight evening)
Distance: 5-10 minutes; on bus route, about 4 blocks from campus (danger! danger!)
I love the Bijou; as an art theater, it’s everything I could ask for, so far. I’m saying this without having seen its second theater, but I plan to remedy that problem with a viewing of Quinceanera or Who Killed the Electric Car? sometime this week. I’ve talked a lot about this already over here.

Theater Name: Regal Cinema World (at Valley River Center)
Movie seen: Invincible
Price: $5.00 matinee
Distance: About 10 minutes by car; also on bus route.
The Valley River Center is the Eugene shopping mall. It has an old, flat-seating movie theater with about 8 screens. Invincible wasn’t a bad place to see that movie, but it wouldn’t be a great place to see any kind of major film — the sound is just about average, and if there’s a crowd, the problem of being able to see would be very real. Also, the seats are the square, low-padding old type (though they do have cup holders). Student prices are good, though — $5.25, I think, for evenings, or about the same for a matinee. Regal Cinemas is building a new theater attached to the mall — I’m guessing it will be shiny and stadium-seated, and I’m kind of looking forward to it.

Theater Name: Cinemark 17
Movie seen: Hollywoodland
Price: $5.25 matinee (student price: $5.75)
Distance: About 15-20 minutes
Located at the Gateway Mall, which is in Springfield (home of the Simpsons). A nice, new, stadium-seating theater. Big seats, big screens, big prices on everything. The enternces are funny — you walk in and immediately up the staircase, and then end up at the top of the stadium-style seats. It’s actually kind of handy, because you don’t end up standing in front of the entire theater to look for a seat (particularly handy now that they dim the lights early so that everyone can watch the pre-preview commercials). Nice, big, safe theater that will probably be the place that I see all of the big releases this year.

This is the new theater — the old Cinemark 12, which is also a mall-entrance theater has been converted to a $1.50 theater (which is currently showing both An Inconvenient Truth and Little Man, which makes my head hurt). I have some hopes that they’ll turn the current Regal into a discount theater when the new one opens.

And in brief, as for the movies I saw:
I am in love with Little Miss Sunshine (as evidenced by the icon, and the soundtrack that I purchased, and the fact that I’ve seen it twice). Every actor in the movie is excellent. I’m also still trying to wrap my head around the fact that my grandparents saw this movie.

Invincible further cements Greg Kinnear as a performer I like. Not award-winning cinema, but Mark Wahlberg does a good job, the time period and costumes are believable, and, you know, it’s a good movie to deliver exactly what you’d expect from a Disney based-on-a-true story movie. Some loose direction, yeah, but overall a fun summer sports movie.

Hollywoodland. Hmm. Not bad. Relied a little too heavily on close-up shots of Adrian Brody to tell the story, maybe, but otherwise pretty neatly done. I expected more obvious exaggeration, more conclusion, perhaps, and I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t too much.

For review/consultation: The Fall Movie List.

I also did some shopping. Sigh. $100 and I got two things? CRAZY.

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