Lawrence, I love you, but BACK OFF MY MANager!

Lawrence, Kansas has been leading the news here for the past two days, because the Eugene city manager has apparently applied for, and been named a finalist for, the city manager job out there. Apparently the LJ-World broke the story.

Disappointment in council matter fueled by city manager’s job search“:

With about 82,000 people, Lawrence is much smaller than Eugene,with nearly 145,000 people, so the potential job could be seen as a step down for Taylor.

But Taylor said Lawrence, while it can be contentious, has a “clear commitment to the city manager form of government.”

I’m not sure what the “it” is in “it can be contentious,” there — I’m going to assume it’s “the city manager form of government” and not Lawrence.

I feel like I’m living in bizarro world. I kind of want to call this guy and tell him all the good of Lawrence; then again, he’s originally from Topeka, so he probably already knows.

ETA: Another piece of Kansas in the news: “Kansas Festival: Great Cattle Drive” via the AP on Yahoo!. My dad is going along on the cattle drive as the “official trail physician.”

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One Response to Lawrence, I love you, but BACK OFF MY MANager!

  1. starstraf says:

    I think I remember that Adams’s boss is involved in setting up the cattle drive and Adam is doing the web page

    When Bill Self moved from Urbana to Lawrence I emailed him some info on lawrence as compared to urbana – but got no response

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