There are crazy things that I really wish I could make true. I’ll give you two examples:

1). I wish I could speak fax-language, so that I could pick up a phone and beep and whir and on the other end, a perfectly printed document would emerge. I cannot tell you how helpful this would be for writing.

2). I wish there was a camera installed behind my eyes, so that sometimes I could go, “Click!” and then I’d have a picture.

The second one is the important one today. I went to lunch and then I was going to go through the McDonald’s drive-thru on Willamette and return my Netflix movies and go home, but instead I turned right and decided to check out what’s south of Eugene on I-5. I turned off at the first place that advertised a McDonald’s and a National Historic District — Cottage Grove — and I then took some very windy, tree-lined, hilly back roads to get back to my house.

On the way, I saw sheep wearing coats. One of them had a fuschia coat, one had a lavendar coat, but mostly they were just gray and dark coats. But — coats! Sheep wearing man-made coats. I giggled for miles.

Then I saw a man roller-blading on the side of the road, and he was using ski poles.

Both times, I was on a curvy part of the road where there was rock wall on one side and sharp drop-off on the other, so there could be no stopping. So the eye-as-camera thing would’ve been very, very cool.

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3 Responses to SHEEP WITH COATS!

  1. minnaleigh says:

    I have wanted a camera eye for most of my life! It would be so cool! There are so many times where that would be the only way to capture a moment.

  2. kepkanation says:

    There’s got to be a way to make this work. I bet Bill Gates’s daughter has one.

  3. starstraf says:

    my first verion of that want was the “magic catalog finger” I would go thru the holiday book from sears and dramatically point to things I want (sometimes I had to say a magic word, or blink) and that would make the universe give me that item – didn’t work thoguh but I kept trying

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