Last day off

Tomorrow, the car goes in for cosmetic surgery (at NINE. Ouch). It’s hard for me to part with it; anyone who’s known me during the past, oh, 6 years knows exactly how attached I am to my train wreck of a car. Insurance is going to provide a rental, though, so at least I won’t be wheel-less.

I am hitting a wall — a hard wall, a wall with no sympathy for slacking — with the “what’s the sound of your childhood” assignment that’s due tomorrow in my Memoir seminar. It has to have narrative description of the sound, some in-scene time, and reflection back on why this is emblematic. All of that, and meaning, of course, and I can’t come up with a good sound. I’ve thought of a few that might work — my mother’s piano playing, but I only remember it after the divorce; the sounds of living on a sand road; and the one I’ll probably go with, which is the sound of airplanes flying over our house, as we lived across the street from the Hutchinson Municipal Airport — but nothing’s clicking. Nothing feels like both the correct answer and the right answer.

I had no idea the Golden Globes were on tonight. I should see more movies this year. Two years ago, I hit a personal high (94 movies in a year), and had seen six movies by this point. And this year, I’ve seen… yep, nothing. Well, I saw The Queen on the flight back from Kansas, but I had already seen it once, so I doubt that counts.

I am excited to see Helen Mirren win anything.

Final question: how did I not know about Regina Spektor before now?

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3 Responses to Last day off

  1. drenilop says:

    Does it have to be a recurrent sound, or can a single sound that had a meaningful and enormous impact (“you’ve won!”; the thud of a plane crashing in your backyard or your parent falling down the stairs or the car being hit, etc) work?

  2. kepkanation says:

    It’s supposed to be recurrent, I think, not a single-shot sound. The example the professor gave was that the sound of her childhood was actually silence, the silence of a house with no other people in it.

  3. drenilop says:

    Might be worth asking if it HAS to be – I could make a really good argument for the thump of a car crash that kills my parent (e.g.) being the sound that best represents my childhood, since it has such a profound effect on everything else.

    That said, it’s only useful if you think you have a sound like that. lol

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