On the Menu for Saturday

I’m still trying the thing where I get my homework done on the weekend. It’s going all right. I went to the library and actually did two hours of homework there today, after doing more over lunch; yesterday I spent a couple of delightful hours outdoors, grading. I’m caught up through 4 p.m. on Tuesday; between 4 and 5, though, I’ll have to turn in an essay for memoir workshop, so that’s a big hurdle.

Tonight I barely resisted the urge to go to my favorite grocery store (I literally walked up to the doors and then turned around, because I couldn’t think of anything I really needed and only things I wanted, and they didn’t make sense: pie crust? butternut squash? etc.) and came home to make dinner from things I have. Last night, I boiled a bunch of linguine, ate half of it as macaroni and cheese, and put a splash of sesame oil on the rest so that I could stir-fry it today. My vegetable selections were disappointing, though, so I have ended up with sesame-tasting noodles with egg and then a wonderful side dish from A Veggie Venture: Simple Skillet Green Beans, which lives up to its name in all forms. My dishwasher is currently on the DL, so I’ve become quite sensitive to the number and quality of the dishes dirtied on any particular recipe, and this one is a gem. I used a knife, a cutting board, a measuring cup, a skillet, and a spatula, and they were all basically only in need of a quick rinse-wash afterward. And the green beans (I used frozen) were easy and are very, very tasty, just the right combo of snap and sugar.

All of this seems like a good meal for my planned evening of more reading and watching Saving Face.

Tomorrow, there will be essay writing. At least, there’d better be.

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2 Responses to On the Menu for Saturday

  1. phillyexpat says:

    The beans sound yummy!

  2. kepkanation says:

    They really are! I recommend them.

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