Reading recommendation

Tonight, I went to a reading. It’s been a rough week for the old MFA program kids — we’re all running a little bit on empty, week 7 of term, everyone’s got writing due in at least two places and papers to grade — but tonight there was a reading by one of our professors, Cai Emmons. She talked about the process behind putting her book together and about imagining more deeply and that being the writer’s job, and it was just fascinating. It was such a great pep talk, and so what I needed.

And she read from her forth-coming book, The Stylist, which is about a woman named Hayden who drops out of Harvard to become a hair stylist, where she meets a transgendered F-to-M person named Emery, and along the way faces some difficulties with her father being injured/infirm/possibly bitten by a snake in Costa Rica. Everything she read made me laugh, and everything she read made me smile at the phrasing and at the artistry. So, pre-order now: The Stylist; or wait until it’s published, when I will remind you again, as I go into the bookstore to pick it up for myself.

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