Mm, tasty almost done week.

This is finals week. Breeze, man, breeze. I have a $14,000 paper due today. Literally: if I don’t get at least a B+ on the paper, I lose my fellowship for next year. According to English department rules, grad students with less than a B+ in the composition training seminar cannot be employed to teach composition the next year. No teaching = no funding = no schooling. Bad. Everything in the course has been pass/fail so far (I’ve passed) save for one graded assignment, on which I got an A. And this paper, on second read-through, is pretty good.

I went in a slightly experimental path. We were simply told we had to write “One 8-10 page scholarly paper on the idea of argumentation and the teaching of writing.” No other guidelines. So, I wrote a paper arguing that we should through out essay writing in entry-level writing courses and instead make students author blogs. It was fun to use the professor’s book to argue this, but now, I’m a little nervous about the wisdom of this particular argument. Then again, last year, one of the students got an A on a paper arguing that composition programs — that colleges in general — should be thrown out, that grades should be eliminated, and that students should be freed from the master/slave relationship they inspire. Which — yeah, wow.

Anyway, so, that paper, then office hours today, then final workshop tomorrow, then… nothing until everyone turns in their final projects on Thursday for my grading joy. I plan to start the grading while watching the KU Jayhawks play basketball — please, CBS, hear my plea and televise this game on the West Coast somehow. I’m homesick and even basketball will help.

Also: will someone come and mow my lawn? I’ll give you peanut butter cookies.

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3 Responses to Mm, tasty almost done week.

  1. therealjae says:

    I wrote a paper arguing that we should through out essay writing in entry-level writing courses and instead make students author blogs.

    Aren’t blogs essays, though? I mean, blog *posts* are essays, anyway–right? Perhaps I’m missing something.


  2. kepkanation says:

    I was using the more formal, five-page, on-paper essay definition; part of my argument is that most blog entries are argumentative essays in and of themselves. The paper has more clarity than the LJ entry, really.

  3. therealjae says:

    Aha! Yeah, that makes sense. *Good* blog entries are that, anyway. 🙂


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