The new dissatisfaction

I dunno, man.

I went to Seattle. I should have things to say about this and pictures to show, but I’ve been in sort of a funk since just before the trip, and I’m not quite surfaced yet. It’s not a bleak funk, just a low-participation-in-the-world funk. A but-I-could-stay-home-and-watch-bad-movies funk. Like shaking off a cold, which is possibly part of it.

Basically, here is what I learned: vacation stresses me out. It turns out, I’m always on vacation. So when I travel to a new city, suddenly life becomes more stressful. Here, I have nice scenery and exotic people and tons of coffee and a mountain in my backyard, and I understand the way the bus system works and which neighborhoods are cool to hang out in and where to buy good food and where to avoid. I am not a good spontaneous, solo traveler. Having learned this about myself, which is actually in opposition to my previous picture of me, is kind of weird. I need some time to recover.

Things obtained in Seattle:

  1. New travel mug from the original Starbucks (AKA Mecca)
  2. Tea (genmaicha) from The Perennial Tea Room.
  3. Chocolates for my mother.
  4. A blue bear for my future nephew.
  5. An obsession with the ferry, and with Bainbridge Island.
  6. A pretty turquoise pendant that I will, someday, make into a necklace.
  7. A crinkly headscarf that I wore all over.
  8. All of the coffee and fake sugar and toiletries from my hotel room.

Um, some other stuff, I’m sure. Oh! Books from Elliot Bay, including The White Album by Joan Didion, which I’ve been reading for a few days. I love Joan Didion, I think her writing is masterful, and I need to stop reading her because when I do, she just destroys my happiness. Except when she writes about Georgia O’Keefe.

Today I have been roused enough to get in several pages of writing. Yesterday my main contribution to the world was baking cupcakes — 8 white, four coffee-flavored. They’re tasty. Oh. Also, term started, and with it the class I’m teaching (same) and the class I’m an apprentice in (comp 2). It’s really time for me to get excited about those. Really.

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6 Responses to The new dissatisfaction

  1. gotmce99 says:

    A headscarf? I’m gonna need a picture of that.

  2. webcowgirl says:

    Sounds like you took some of my advice, which is gratification-making.

  3. dine says:

    Bainbridge Island is way wonderful – and the ferry has to be one of the best ways to commute ever invented!

  4. kepkanation says:

    I’m not sure it’s actually meant as a headscarf — it’s probably meant as a decorative old-lady-around-town scarf. But this is what I used it for.

    And yes. I’ll get a picture somehow. Maybe when my mom is here, as she despises everything I’ve ever put in my hair.

  5. kepkanation says:

    I did in fact! The walking tour was very helpful, and I enjoyed the gardens along the way and the ferry (as noted). And I mentioned at the tea shop that someone had recommended them all the way from London. They were quite pleased.

  6. kepkanation says:

    I so agree — I wanted to take both of them (the ferry, the island) home.

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