I’m a people person.

I had guests in my house for two weeks straight. Literally, I dropped one guest off at the airport and picked my mom up twenty minutes later. This is why I’ve disappeared from the Internet.

Anyway, I was apparently feeling so lonely after all that people time that I decided to invite people from my program over for the First Time Ever. I need to watch the movie Psycho for a class, and I don’t want to watch it alone, so… people are coming to my house in about 2 hours. Wow. People. When did I get social? How can I make that stop?

Other news: I bought the new Bright Eyes CD, Cassadaga, today. So far, I hate it. Bright Eyes has always been very hit or miss for me: but when it’s a hit, like “Method Acting” or “Haligh Haligh A Lie Haligh,” it’s such a hit that I don’t mind paying for every other song I have to get through. I hold out hope that there’s a gem on Cassadaga that will make the purchase worth it, but I think I should have read more about the CD first before buying: it’s very country. Ah, one other thing about Bright Eyes: sometimes the songs grow on me, and two months after introduction I can’t stop playing them. So maybe that will happen here, too. And, OK, as I was writing this I listened to “Cleanse Song” and it’s not bad.

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