Interests Amnesty

So. Do you ever reach a point with someone where you realize, oh, I should know X about you but it’s now too late for me to say, I don’t know what X is, because showing that I don’t know looks like I haven’t been paying attention? This happens to me quite a bit, because I tend to let things slide in introductions, figuring I’ll see what they mean from the context of the discussion, and later I’ll realize, wow, I still have no idea what that meant BUT if I ask now it will reveal that I didn’t absorb what was being said. Examples of this include a friend of mine (not anyone who’s reading this) who, until recently, I thought was getting a degree in a certain field and then, from a casual comment dropped in a conversation, I realized, holy crap! I’m not even close to right AND he’s going to a completely different school than I thought he was. Maybe what I’m saying is, I’m not always such a good listener. But I’m good (usually) on the caring part, and so it pains me to appear that I don’t care, when I really do, because my listening wasn’t as good as it should have been. Wow, I’m a jerk.

This is all complicated by the fact that I tend to be attracted to, for friendship and other social affairs, people who communicate in complicated inside-joke laden ways. I am a master (mistress) of the inside joke.

Where I’m going with this is this little meme thingy/survey that did, and that I’m playing along with. I’m giving everyone “Interests Amnesty” and granting it for myself. Which is to say: if you decide to play along or ask to be tagged on this, I’m going to ask you about the three things on your list or in your pictures that I think I should get but don’t. And you are free to ask me the same things.

Here’s how it goes: Comment here and I will pick 3 interests of yours listed on your user-info and three icons of yours. Make a post explaining them and asking others to comment for their own.

I’d say I use my interests list in two ways, neither of which is actually the way it’s intended (to be a list of interests). I use it as a way to say, here’s something I’m fixated on/something that is part of my life in a non-dispensable way, and also here’s something that I am putting up so as to identify myself with a certain group of people for whom this interest/band/movie will have a sort of iconic meaning. So, said, popcorn, and that is an interest of mine because I love popcorn. I have popcorn at least four times a week, often more than that. Microwave, Orville Reddenbacker popcorn. I spent my tax return to buy a microwave in part because my old one couldn’t cook a bag of popcorn well. I often eat popcorn while I write, because it works some of the nervous energy out of me to have munchies on hand. And I have been sad and scared for over a year now by the study that says microwave popcorn gives you cancer, and yet I cannot stop. I may actually be addicted.

She also asked about The Golden Girls, which is one of those iconic interests. Certain people, usually women, love “The Golden Girls,” and those who love it generally love it for the same reason that I do, which is the sense of humor in the show, and these people tend to be people I can hang out with or at least people who will appreciate the way that I use humor in my own daily life. Also, this show was something my sister and I could always watch together, and still can; we have very disparate tastes in television, but give us a rainy afternoon and a Lifetime Golden Girls marathon and we’re happy. In fact, this show is something that I’ve generally been able to bond with other women over: it is a television show of my childhood but the humor is certainly something that’s made it much richer for me as an adult. And I adore Bea Arthur’s character in the show and want to grow up to be her. Because I’m already Sofia.

Oh, final interest: His Dark Materials. suggested these books to me when I was going through a YA magic phase (Harry Potter, then Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising series, which I do love, and some other strikeouts (Garth Nix, blah)). I was working at Hastings at the time, and managed to buy the first two books in the series in nice trade paperback form; I read the first and was disoriented through much of it, trying to figure out the rules of the world, and then suddenly things clicked and I grabbed number two eagerly. And I loved the second book even more than the first, and I was so eager to get onto the final book that, instead of waiting for the matching trade paperback to come in, I used my employee benefit of one free mass market paperback a week to get the third (and I actually manipulated the stock figures on the computer so it would look like we had two copies, because we couldn’t take the free book if it was the only copy in the store) and so, I have The Amber Spyglass only in a cover-less (we had to tear the cover off) MMP version. It is, however, an amazing, amazing book. The entire series is such a sophisticated tale of magic that actually deals with this strange bridge between magic and religion and science, so that the books feel less like fantasy than like adult, magical realism… I should read the whole series again. They were satisfying, which I could say of the Harry Potter books, but they’re also challenging, which I cannot say.

This is getting long. I’ll do the pictures tomorrow.

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10 Responses to Interests Amnesty

  1. dine says:

    if there’s anything you want to know about me, ask away!

  2. webcowgirl says:

    Er, I won’t do the meme (too lazy, hate having to do it for other people), but did you see the Golden Compass meme with the Daemon? I did it yesterday and got a raccoon. It’s a really nice website and the prettiest meme art I’ve ever seen.

  3. minnaleigh says:

    Do you ever reach a point with someone where you realize, oh, I should know X about you but it’s now too late for me to say, I don’t know what X is, because showing that I don’t know looks like I haven’t been paying attention?

    I so totally have this problem. When it is really bad for me is when I meet people who already know each other. They rarely volunteer necessary background information and I don’t want to ask stupid questions and derail the story when everyone else in the room already knows what is going on because it feels so rude. Then years later, there is all this stuff everyone thinks I know and I have NO CLUE! I’m seriously a bit worried about my move to Edmonton because of this. People that hang out with just think I know stuff because I’ve been around a while and it feels too late to ‘fess up. Oh, dear!

    And re: His Dark Materials- I love that trilogy SO MUCH. The first book is my least favourite but I’m still looking forward to the movie later this year. Despite some reservations about the casting of Nicole Kidman.

    If you want to do the interest meme for me, that’d be fun. My icon selection is very small and mostly self-explanatory but feel free to ask about those too.

  4. starstraf says:

    Me please and I’ll give you three
    Is there a difference between ben folds and ben folds five
    tide clean breeze
    kavalier and clay

  5. kepkanation says:

    I did see it! And I saw your racoon and also a tiger, I believe. Very pretty.

  6. kepkanation says:

    Despite some reservations about the casting of Nicole Kidman.

    I try to believe that she can pull it off. Visually, I think she’s close to what I pictured (though Tilda Swintin from The Chronicles of Narnia was even closer, and I’d be a little more convinced of her ability to pull it all off). It’s been so long since I read those books at this point, I’ll have to re-read before I see the movie. Or maybe just after.

    Interest Meme! So, I have no idea what ephemera duology is, and would love to know. Also: I know you’ve just posted something about the wonder that would be an octopus magician, but where did that come from? Was there a particular inspiration for the interest, other than the coolness? And: earthquaker cake.
    Pictures: they’re so nicely labeled that I understand their uses, I think, but I’m curious as to the sources/signficance of a few: science guy, Death Valley, and I’m curious about how you thought up the saying on your workout icon.

  7. kepkanation says:

    I’m going to answer your three tonight. So, interests of yours that I’m curious about:
    laphroaig – what is that?
    ethical slut
    and hungarian — which I don’t think I’ve heard you talk about. Do you speak Hungarian? Are you Hungarian?

    Also, I’d love to hear the explanation behind a few of your icons, namely the history icons and the one with the swirly red and blue circles, but only if you have time/inclination.

  8. kepkanation says:

    What is telepathophobia?

  9. starstraf says:


  10. dine says:

    heh – when I first read your comment, I thought you were confused and sent me the wrong question – I had completely forgotten adding that to my interests list!

    The wonderfully creative coined the phrase – as best I can recall, it’s the unreasonable fear of telepaths lurking around, reading one’s thoughts. I believe I read about it in a comment she left in someone else’s journal ages ago, but she does refer to it here

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