Interests, continued

OK. So, Kristen asked about three icons, too:

Fact No Heart:

This is a quote from Stephen Colbert, about books. I think there was a specific book, in fact, that he said this about, as a condemnation, but maybe not. Maybe it was all books. It made me laugh to hear it and then, when I went looking for a Stephen Colbert icon of some kind, I found this one and thought, oh, perfect, I’ll get some use out of that. I like it because it’s funny, but also because I sometimes have that feeling about things — administrative processes in general, and also about some news reporting. I’ve been using it recently when I’m commenting about reading or other funny little random things. I don’t know why.


I think possibly only drenilop and casapazzo may have been around at the time that this whole thing started, but the short story of it all is this: for my freshman year of college, I had a terrible, terrible computer, which had been my high school graduation present. It crashed somewhere near 1,000 times in one month (I kept a tally) and was generally absolutely worthless. I returned it to the store at least twice and had a technician out to fix it, I had them mail me different parts 4 times (they kept sending me keyboards, weirdly), and the thing was just a lemon. Anyway, after that year, I bought myself a Gateway laptop. That thing was a great computer. It was so small (about 8 pounds, I think) and fast (ohh, maybe a 233 Ghz processor) and could hold so much stuff (4 GB hard drive, I believe). I was in love. And, being at that point a Political Science major, considering adding an International Studies major, I was very much on track to take over the world — which had been a lifelong goal. I figured that from that computer alone, I could take over Estonia. From there, I plotted a complicated World Domination map that had me slowly taking over all the Baltic States in one mad sweep, and then going over into Finland, and from there down to Denmark, where I would take over my first “civilized” country, where civilized was defined as “country with a Hilton.”
So, the point of that icon is basically that at some point my life’s goal was, with a great deal of seriousness, to take over the world. Or to at least be elected into leadership somewhere in the U.S. I still use this icon when I’m joking about running things.

Crap TV:

This is from “Studio 60.” It’s not an icon designed to endorse or mourn the show. I believe that, in the scene this is from, this character, Matt, was talking about how crappy the script he’s writing is, and how all TV is crap. And I thought, YES! and also, And what a good example of this. What happened to that show? Is it lost and gone forever? And is Sorkin gone with it? I think I might be pleased by that, which is weird.

Star, I know I said I’d do yours tonight, but I was lying. I will do them soon, though.

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7 Responses to Interests, continued

  1. next_bold_move says:

    I will return the favor, if you want.

  2. ellenneithernor says:

    I think NBC is going to replay the last few episodes of “Studio 60” sometime after sweeps. But quietly like, you know. I thought the show was pretty unintentionally hilarious, but also a giant waste of funny Sarah Paulson.

  3. kepkanation says:

    I do! but would you like me to wait nine days or so?

  4. kepkanation says:

    I wish I could be sad, but… nope, just relief. What a waste of talent, though.

  5. kepkanation says:

    Yeah, I guess it’s restarting on the 24th of May, and playing until the end.

    A complete waste of Paulson, I agree, and also Whitford and Perry and… well, nearly everyone. Though her situation was particularly bad, as her storyline was the one I found most grating (the never-romance with Matt Albee).

  6. ellenneithernor says:

    I only know who Sarah Paulson is because she was very, very funny in the movie “Down With Love,” and so when I saw she was going to be on the show I thought, “oh boy! This will be awesome!” and when I finally got around to watching it online, I… didn’t want to look away, but not for the Sorkin-approved reasons.

    On the bright side, I recognized Nate Corddry when I saw him making a cameo in another movie, so that was nice.

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