Mail call: What Are You Going to Do With Your Life?

Today, waiting for me in my e-mail was a note from the Federal Government, reminding me that I should reapply for Federal Student Aid if I’m going to continue to be in school.  It was a perfectly innocent message, but I swear my mind interpreted it as “if you’re STILL not going to have any kind of DECENT PAYING JOB next year, maybe you ought to consider just getting another degree to postpone the inevitable.”

Apparently, my brain and I are a little touchy at the moment.

In other almost not academic news, has everyone in the world seen this but me?  “Biography: Walt Whitman,” “by” Peter Nguyen.  My favorite line may be the opener: “I chose Walt Whitman for my biography report because Mr. Farlow said that if I wasn’t going to take this class seriously and pick a real poet I might as well not come to class anymore.  Walt Whitman was an awful child molester who was born in ancient Hong Kong.  He is over3,000 years old and remembers the names of all the forgotten Gods.”

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2 Responses to Mail call: What Are You Going to Do With Your Life?

  1. Kim says:

    Well, the bio is inventive, at least. . . .

  2. Jenn says:

    It’s more creative than many works I’ve seen recently.

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