Two totally cool things

1). Free overnight shipping from Zappo‘s, which today brought me my new boots.  At least, I think they’re going to stick around.  They look like leather but are animal friendly!  Woo!  And so far, though they’re a little stiff, they’re pretty comfy.

2).  Finally, a way that I can perform regular maintenance on my mom’s computer without the phone conversations, where I go, “so what does the screen say now?” and we both sigh and moan.  Last night, we got her printer installed.  Woo!  Recommended by Lifehacker (which is also a New Cool Thing to me).
I’m watching “AC360” and I am again alarmed by the fact that whenever there’s a female Republican consultant on the air, she’s a knockout.  I hate the influence of Ann Coulter on so many levels, but this may be level #1.

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