Learn to Love Your Own Grass

My new favorite site is LifeHacker.com, where they have not only handy tech tips every day but also everyday handiness, such as this little pep talk on “Enjoying Your Own Grass” (of the “grass is greener” grass, not the “smoke ’em if you got ’em” grass varietal).   It’s mostly just a post of common sense and platitudes, but I like the overall idea, particularly this line: The only grass you’ll ever know is your own.  Woo.

I’ve been a little ball of crankiness all day, beginning with dreams that made me wake up sad and scared and continuing through the rest of my somewhat unproductive day.  So, like dear Drenilop, I’m going to list three things that made me happy today, instead of dweeling on the suck:

1). I bought a new book and I’m really enjoying it.  Duplicate Keys by Jane Smiley, an impulse buy with a B&N giftcard today after seeing it mentioned on Things I’ve Bought That I Love yesterday.  It’s literary mystery!  Woo.

2). I made blueberry cobbler yesterday out of the recipe in How to Cook Everything and it’s awesome times 100.  I also got some laundry done, have awesome lunch leftovers for tomorrow, and talked on the phone with an old friend tonight.  Very nearly domestic bliss over here, right now.

3). The Kansas Jayhawks won their basketball game tonight, which I watched.  They are still undefeated and I’m excited for them.  Like a real fan and everything!  If only I could find my favorite Kansas sweatshirt…

Tomorrow, if I can’t uncrank myself by 5 p.m., I’m going to send myself to a movie.  Probably Juno.  I hear it could help relieve the cranky.

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2 Responses to Learn to Love Your Own Grass

  1. KristeN says:

    I went on a big Jane Smiley kick at about age 18 or 19, and I remember really liking DK.

  2. Star Straf says:

    You might enjoy a new blog that Zen to Done is doing

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