Movies ’08: #2, Cloverfield

You know, this isn’t a movie that I would probably have gone to see in the theater if someone else hadn’t said they wanted to go.  Alien/horror/sci-fi thriller type movies aren’t my usual forte.  But this, I liked.  This, I will keep thinking about.  And without ruining anything, I’ll say the one thing I didn’t like was the hand-held camera joltyness.  I didn’t like it at the same time that I do appreciate its effectiveness and applaud the consistency of the joltyness throughout.  I just… wish there was a way to achieve that which didn’t make me a wee bit motion sick.

Is this really the first movie I’ve seen since returning to Eugene?  Surely that’s not right… but I can’t remember anything since Sweeney Todd (Film #1).

Wow, I’m slow this year.   There are many out right now that I intend to see, starting with Juno, probably, and I’m Not There, and No Country for Old Men, and There Will Be Blood, all of which are playing locally this weekend.   Perhaps it’s film time.

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2 Responses to Movies ’08: #2, Cloverfield

  1. Kim says:

    Oh, I hate-hate-hate handheld filming. There have been extremely few movies or shows in which I have not found its usage distracting and annoying throughout. I didn’t particularly want to see _Cloverfield_ anyway (the J.J. Abrams connection notwithstanding), but even handheld filming that serves a story purpose is enough to make me cross the movie completely off my list.

  2. Sara says:

    YOU NEED TO SEE THOSE MOVIES. I thought Juno and No Country were amazing. I’m going to check out I’m Not There on Sunday night, because I missed it when it was playing earlier, and Bob is my man. I want to see There Will Be Blood badly as well. But the two of the four I’ve seen were excellent.

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