I already voted this worst movie of the year

But now Over Her Dead Body also gets Best Review (so far) of 2008, thanks to brilliantly snarky A.O. Scott in the New York Times.  Observe:

Near the end the guy rushes to the airport to catch the girl. This stunning plot development seems to have been designed either to elicit sympathy for the striking writers by giving a foretaste of the inferno of cliché into which their continued absence will plunge us all, or else to undermine that sympathy with a brazen display of hackdom.

Usually, I’d be against revealing the ending to the movie in a review, and doubly against repeating the infraction, but… I think this ending is actually given away in the trailer/commercial/title.

But maybe I should give Mr. Lowell a few points for originality, since this is to my knowledge the first rush-to-the-airport climax to feature a talking parrot riding in a taxi.

Now see, that almost makes me want to see it…

The next movie I’m looking forward to, at this point, is In Bruges.  Every year I forget how much the releases in January suck.

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