I love it when they mock themselves

Remember the days when you had to make your own fun when you were, say, stranded inside because of flu or bad weather or laziness (or the perfect trifecta of these that I’m experiencing)?  Thank God those days are over.

None of the links in the next paragraph are work-safe.

Alan Sepinwall posted a link to a clip from a recent Jimmy Kimmel show.  It features Sarah Silverman (Kimmel’s girlfriend), who is, as he says, an acquired taste (which I haven’t yet acquired).  But this?  This is awesome, and stars Matt Damon.  Kimmel has a  history of Matt Damon-bashing, where he ends his show from time to time by saying, “Sorry to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.” Which I believe culminated in this great clip where Damon is “bumped” from The Bourne Ultimatum.  So… know that, and then watch this, which is in no way work- or child-safe.  “I’m F*cking Matt Damon.”  It’s worth it to watch to the end.  The boy-band mash-up is fabulous.

And I’m watching Postcards from the Edge via Netflix Watch It Now.  How haven’t I seen this movie?  Really, how haven’t I read this book?  There are some lines I sort of want to hug: “I don’t have a generation.”  “Well, you should definitely get one!”

Last night, I watched the rest of Season 1 of “The Wire.”  Brilliant.  Why, though, must HBO beat me up with every single one of their shows?  That’s the thing — I feel like anything can happen on an HBO show.  Everyone is always in danger*.  It’s wonderful that way.

* The clear exception to this is in the HBO comedies, like “Sex and the City” and “Entourage,” where the core group — the four women or Vince + entourage — is never in any actual danger of being removed from the show.  But on their dramas… the cast can change in a heartbeat.  I never feel that’s true on a network show.

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