I think I’m convinced

I have polled my friends and family, watched political coverage and ads, read blogs and reports and articles and op-eds, and finally, today, I think I’m convinced that Obama may actually be the guy for me.  It’s strange that the tipping point would be what amounts to an endorsement, because I thought the only person out there who could sway me with his support was Al Gore.  But it turns out, when Michael Chabon and his partner speak, I listen.  And when they quote a Fitzgerald bit about negative capability that gets thrown around all the time up here, I feel bad for my lingering experience doubts.

The thing is, this probably isn’t that meaningful, because I’m still not against Hillary.  I’d vote for a used staple if it was the party’s nominee and had a chance of winning the White House

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5 Responses to I think I’m convinced

  1. You don’t think Chabon and Waldman are a little…well, insane? Especially Waldman?

    Not that I think this should reflect badly on Obama, mind. It was more the “when they speak, I listen” part that had me going: “wow, really?”

  2. P.S. It really is true that Obama can really write, by the way. But don’t read his political book, read the one he wrote before that, the one about his father. It’s gorgeous.

  3. Jenn says:

    I totally think they’re insane, both from anecdotal evidence and reading. But what they say about negative capability and experience there is something I’ve been struggling with, and somehow having Chabon (and Waldman) put it into words just… made it clear for me. Like, Oh, that’s a good point. And I can’t explain why it took him/them to help me get over my “but he needs more experience!” issue, but… this is what worked.

  4. Sara J. says:

    I’ve been an Obama supporter for awhile now and it always makes me a little happy inside to hear another person has supported him. He’s not “Change.” He’s refreshing and intelligent. Obviously we aren’t going to agree with everything a candidate supports or says, but he seems to be on the right track. I categorize myself as “Very Liberal” — I’d say my politics are pretty far left — but for whatever reason I prefer to vote for candidates that lean left but are generally moderate, because those are usually the leaders who take each situation for exactly what it is and decide according to the specific situations (as opposed to the knee-jerk “left” or “right” decision). Anyway, your used staple line is the best ever.

  5. Jenn says:

    Yeah, I prefer to vote for candidates who lean left but are moderate, too — mostly out of pragmatism, I guess, because I would rather have a Democrat in office doing things mostly how I’d want and getting things done than, well, what we have now.

    I’m glad you like the staple! I couldn’t countenance another “ham sandwich” vote line. I declare voting for ham sandwiches officially cliche. 😉

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