Oh, buyer’s remorse

So I bought the new computer.  It’s lovely, the screen is brilliantly bright, it runs faster than my desktop (it is, actually, faster than my desktop), the hard drive has space for everything I could think of, and… I am regretting deeply having made this purchase.

Logically, it was a sound thing to do.  The sale was good (I went with the white model and bought 3 years of Apple Care), my old machine is actually pretty broken (sitting it next to the new one — the brightest my old screen gets is slightly dimmer than my new computer when it’s in that pre-sleep powersave that macs have),  and right now I had the money, thanks to loans and some credit card space, to do this, which might not be true in a month if the screen goes black.

But… — I talked to a friend of mine this evening whose MacBook, of the same version as mine, turned a year old last week and then completely crashed this week.  OK, isolated incident — except his roommate’s MacBook, same age, died four days earlier, and his roommate’s friend’s MacBook, same age, died a week ago.

I’ve also already noticed a few little things I don’t like — the shiny screen reflects light and, yes, doesn’t glare like the old model, but the reflections make it easy to see how much the screen jiggles around as I’m typing, and it’s distracting.  Stupid little thing, right?  But it annoyed the crap out of me the other day while writing downtown.  And the heat.  My little iBook was right on the cusp of the recall a few years ago, with the batteries that got so hot they caught fire, so I’ve become very conscious of the heat from my case.  However, this new one takes the cake: it gets hot fast, and then it stays hot, and the fan is so loud I actually had to turn music up to hear over it.  I downloaded a widget that lets you track the internal temp of your CPU, and mine has been running at around 120 degrees Farenheit when I’m running more than three things at once.  What I’ve read so far says this is normal for the MacBook.  It’s not an issue I thought to look up before I bought it, and it’s an issue that’s been fixed in the newer models, apparently.  More heat = more bad for internal parts, which could be what’s causing machines to crash.

I am writing this entry on my old computer, just to see if I’m really justified in missing it.  It’s dim (oh, and when I hit the period at the end of this sentence, it got bright again, great), but man, is it cool and quiet.  And small.  And… I ceased worrying about babying it at least two years ago, so it feels like a more useful machine.  This other one… it’s so new and shiny I feel like it’s fragile, and suddenly I don’t want to take it out anywhere or let the world touch it.

You know?  Why didn’t I just get this one fixed?  I could put up with the slow for a while, couldn’t I?  Blah blah, whining about my wonders and riches, I know.  It will all pass soon enough.

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2 Responses to Oh, buyer’s remorse

  1. Sara says:

    I have an iBook G4 and I’m a bit sad they discontinued them. I’ll probably buy a Macbook because I simply don’t want Windows Vista, but I wish I could still choose between the iBook and the Macbook.

  2. Jenn says:

    Yeah, me too. At least in size options. Sigh. Usually whatever Apple’s progress is excites me, but this time…

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