Today is just yesterday’s hangover

Yesterday sucked.

Teaching, as usual — that was fine, except for the part where it’s still too early in the day for me.  But then, my group and I had a 2-hour presentation on the educational system of Russia for my comparative education class.  This mostly got put together the night before, and because my part was the discussion part, I ended up answering questions like, “Is that figure for percent of GDP spent on education based on external figures of GDP or self-reporting?”  (My answer: I’m a creative writing student, dude, I have no idea).

Then I had to turn in the first part of my novel for workshop.  52 pages (78 when formatted as the grad school requires for theses).  I still have a long way to go on this, but it’s been terribly stressful just getting the brand-new, page-one-rewrite of it prepared in some coherent form for class.   Then there was a reading last night, which was very good — Mark Doty and Paul Lisicky.  I bought a book from each: Famous Builder by Lisicky and Dog Years by Doty.

I missed the craft talk that Lisicky gave this morning because I woke disoriented (I could’ve been in Kansas) and still exhausted from only getting a few hours each of the preceding nights, figured out it was Friday, thought, wait, I don’t have anything to do on Fridays, and went back to sleep.  MAN.

It seems like it might be that kind of weekend… except for the 25 papers I have to grade.

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