Art imitates my life (Juno)

Last night I went, finally, to see “Juno,” which I had been encouraged to see for many weeks. I kept putting it off, in part because I was a tad busy (see: all previous mentions of thesis deadline creeping up), and in part because I never seemed to be in the mood for the “quirky” comedy I was promised.

About half an hour into the movie, I realized there may have been another reason I avoided seeing “Juno”: it’s a story about a teenaged girl giving a baby up for adoption to a couple better equipped to take care of the child than she currently is. AKA, the story of how I was born. Suddenly I was listening to Juno (the girl) saying something basically along those lines to the prospective adoptive couple, and I was getting all weepy over it and I thought, Oh. That’s why.  It was sort of like a could’ve-been story about how I was born/adopted, right down to the lawyer and closed decision and the musician parents.  Strange, right?

I don’t have much more to say on it than that, at least for now. I think I became more interested in the “what happens next” question than I was meant to, considering how nicely things were tied up at the end.

I also saw “Superman: Doomsday” yesterday. No real-life emotional reactions to that one, but I thought Superman’s black suit was pretty damn cool.

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