More movies! #5 and #6

So the term is winding down, and though this means some spikes in stress, it also means longer stretches where I really, immediately need to do nothing.  So I’ve been going to the movies.

Yesterday (Tuesdays are free popcorn days) I saw “Definitely Maybe,” which is fluffy and loveable and mostly blah,  but filled with pretty people.  Abigail Breslin is really one of the few child actresses I can think of whose presence on screen is always welcome.  The form was the interesting part — it’s a typical rom-com but presented as a man telling his daughter the story of how he met her mother, the interesting twist to that being that father and mother are getting divorced.  (That’s all revealed in the first minute of the movie, so I’m not counting it as a spoiler).  In general, I liked it.

Today I saw “The Bank Job.”  It wasn’t quite the pure-entertainment robbery caper I thought it would be, and it was mostly the better for that.  It made me realize what a burden movies set in the present day face: cell phones, electronic surveillance, all of that is built into my expectation of a current-day heist film, a la Ocean’s Three-hundred.  This took place in the 70s in England, and so escaped a lot of those pesky electronic plausibility problems.  There was still a lot going on here — maybe too much, but I think that’s tied to the “based on a true story” disclaimer at the start of the movie (and, yeah, it is based on truth and story).

Looking at the year ahead, knowing the deadlines and creative output that’s required, knowing my budget and all of that… I think I will try again to see at least 50 new films in 2008.  It’s such a nice respite from everything else I do.

Oh: there was bonus terrible trailer, for the movie with what I will already guess is The Worst Title of 2008: The Midnight Meat Train.  Bradley Cooper, who do you owe money?

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2 Responses to More movies! #5 and #6

  1. Kim says:

    I have vague intentions of seeing _Definitely, Maybe_; it’s good to know it was at least tolerable.

    As for Bradley Cooper, he probably owes just about everyone money now. All his stints are so short!

  2. Jenn says:

    It’s sad, though, because it seems like he’s good in whatever he’s in… though now I can’t even remember where all I’ve seen him. Alias? And… I know he was in Kitchen Confidential, but I never saw that before it disappeared.

    Oh man, am I the reason Bradley Cooper owes everyone money?

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