Son, be a dentist

Two days ago, I had what I would call a “vague pain” in a tooth that has, in the past, been a little troublesome.  By this I mean that the filling is loose.  I didn’t think much of it because I’d bitten down on something in a weird way and thought it was just residual pain from that.  By Monday night, though, the pain had turned into a soreness about a centimeter above the gum.

Yesterday, the pain changed to throbbing, and was made worse whenever I moved.  SoI was pretty good until I went for a walk yeseterday, and then my tooth/mouth was throbbing with every step.  I took some Advil and went to sleep hoping things would be better.

I woke up this morning to much less pain — and a swollen cheek.  Visibly swollen.  I can see the swelling by looking down.  I look a little bit like I’ve had some kind of stroke, at the moment — my mouth is turned slightly down from the swelling, for instance.  ROCKIN’.  The good news: I’m no longer in pain.  I haven’t taken any Advil since I woke up.  I’m just a one-sided chipmunk.

Have procured antibiotics, dental recommendations, etc.  But whoa, is this weird.  you never know what a day’s going to bring.

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