Oh ho, Rock CHALK Jayhawk!

I feel strangely proprietary about KU right now.  It’s alumni affection kicking in with a combo platter of homesickness and a lingering overall need for midwestern vindication on the side.  Tonight’s game was exciting in that KU actually played up to its potential for some nice long stretches — something they often fail to do — and because I hope it can, finally, start the healing process on the old Roy Williams bitterness.  (There’s an affecting piece at Yahoo! sports about Williams, in fact, today).  That he was booed on the court — bah, fans, knock that off.  I was living in Lawrence, going to the university, and working for media relations when Williams resigned; I was as mad as the next Jayhawk, and saw his old “I’m stayin'” quotes pulled out a hundred times.  But you know, Self is great, and we’re in the championships, and… yep, it’s time to move on.  Time to like the new guy better and start working on liking the old guy again.

Here are all of my thoughts on the game by someone who knows what he’s talking about.  “Kansas plays the good…” at ESPN.com.

Why did I pick UCLA for the final?  What was I thinking?  And why has it taken me so long to buy a KU hat (and why can’t I find one in my town, even though they have Texas Longhorns hats and Duke hats galore)

And now, back to my regularly-scheduled Master’s exam.  Yay.

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