Best buys: Portland

Took a Portland trip this weekend, and had a very excellent time.  My best souvenirs:

* handmade pear/shea butter soap that smells just amazing.  I don’t even want to use it, I just want to huff it, or maybe leave it in my car all the time.

* via my friends at Powell’s, used copies of <i>Summerland</I> (which completes my Michael Chabon novel collection), Munro’s <i>View from Castle Rock</i>, and McCullers’s <i>The Heart is a Lonely Hunter</i>.

* a VooDoo donut.  Unlike my omnivore companions, I did not try the Bacon-Maple Donut, but I did have a McMeniman Cream Donut, which is maple with cream in the middle, and it was warm and fresh and good.

* a bag of organizational stuff (read: more unnecessary things) from IKEA, including more magazine files and a new rug and, oh yes, a $.99 y-shaped vegetable peeler.  And some funnels to keep it company.  And these weird sock-drawer organizers.

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