Maybe I’m just in that mood…

Maybe it’s that half of what I’ve been reading, recently, is in comic form, but I really like this Pen & Ink Primary work at the New York Times — a graphic (not that kind of graphic; think “graphic” like “graphic novel”) depiction of Obama and Clinton supporters in North Carolina before the vote. The drawn-in look on the wife’s face as the husband says he has a problem with a woman being president? Yeah. That’s actually, in my opinion, nice reporting.

It’s voting madness here. Obama was here Friday for a rally on the quad; Bill Clinton will be at the student union tomorrow night to speak for his wife. My ballot is already mailed, and… I still have mixed feelings. This is actually the first time I’ve *ever* felt conflicted in voting for a presidential candidate.* But I did; I really had no idea, even staring at the ballot, for whom I was going to vote. They’re so close on the issues, they’re so close on so many things… there was no outstanding issue for me to draw a line on, like there has been in every election so far. It was a weird — no, a bewildering feeling, sitting with my ballot (we’re the mail-in folks), trying to make up my mind, visiting this site and that, listening to the news, listening to my friends… and still just getting the same answer, over and over and over: these are two capable, admirable people whose beliefs are very close to my own, both wanting very badly to prove that they can do the best job. So knowing that, how do you objectively choose one or the other?

I think the answer is that you can’t, really, and that was what made this vote hard.

* In my voting lifetime, I’ve actually never had to vote in a highly contested primary; however, I’ve known in both of the last presidential contests exactly which candidate was my favorite, usually before Iowa. John Edwards, it was never you.

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