This made my writerly day

This blog from a sports-writer/blogger at the Kansas City Star about the best sports reporting day he ever had is wonderful. It made me smile quite a lot. Rulon Gardner? Olympics? It’s great, and the original story he wrote (included in the comments) is great, too.

The first question came, and it was something like: “So, did you think you had it in you to beat the great and unbeatable Russian?”

And Rulon Gardner said: “Well, when I was growing, I used to wrestle cows on our dairy farm …”

Um. Yeah, Guy wrestled cows. Seriously, sportswriters, you DREAM of moments like this. I mean that literally. You go to sleep after having interviewed another boring golfer who started playing because his Dad was a member of the local country club or some bland pitcher who was the star of his high school team, got drafted high, got paid a sweet signing bonus, played two years in the minors and then got called to the show — and you DREAM about an American farm kid who wrestled cows and ended up winning a gold medal by beating an invincible Russian.

Hat tip: Alan Sepinwall.

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