Pacino, Salome, $5, what?

Here’s a fun line from an interview of Rainn Wilson (Dwight from “The Office”) and the Onion A.V. Club at the Sasquatch Festival up near Portland, where I think most of the bands I like were playing this weekend while I mowed the lawn.  I like this because the idea of a Pacino performance that’s worth $5 isn’t that hard to picture, and yet… who says that?

Rainn Wilson: [Dennis Hopper] made classic movies in four decades. I don’t know who else has done that. Jack Nicholson?

AVC: Al Pacino?

RW: No, The Godfather was ’72. And he’s made nothing but crap lately. I did a play with Al Pacino—Salome. I played the page of Herodias, and he was the king. That was fascinating, watching him work. You just never knew what kind of performance was going to come out of him. There was no consistency at all. They were really expensive seats—like $100 seats, and this was 10 years ago, so that’s crazy expensive. And on some nights people should have paid $1000, because he was that good. And some nights it wasn’t worth $5, because you couldn’t hear him, or he’d just phone it in. You just never knew what you would get.

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