Movies: #33, #34, and #35

I saw one great and one OK movie this week.  The great movie was WALL·E, which has been lauded all over the Internet and world, and rightfully so.  It was fun, it was sad, it was interesting, and it’s worth seeing just for the way the storytelling happens — the first forty minutes have no dialogue, just sounds, beeps, and visual cues, and yet they’re totally successful in establishing a story, a situation, a conflict, and characters.  Very nicely done, and interesting, too.

The other film I saw today: Hancock.  It was… fine.  Funny, flashy, all of that, but not quite as WOW as I was hoping.  Jason Bateman was the stand out performance, to me, as a believable, kind-hearted father figure.  This is the second Peter Berg-directed movie I’ve seen him in (the other was the regrettable The Kingdom), and this is by far a better film, though with some of the same difficulties that The Kingdom had — namely, some disorientation that results from more attention being paid to action than character.  Oh well.  Better Peter Berg than Michael Bay.

I also watched The 40-Year-Old Virgin on DVD.  Pretty much what I expected (not in a bad way), though Steve Carrell is consistently funnier than I expect.

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