Sleepy endorsement

I bought new sheets.  Is this a weird thing to blog about?  Maybe, but I love them.  LOVE them.  They’re somehow made of bamboo.  I don’t know if it’s bamboo like a panda would want to snack on these or if it’s some weird post-modern incarnation of bamboo that really means “synthetic cottony stuff,” but man.  These are great sheets.  They’re soft and shiny and pretty and orange (I know it says “coral,” but they’re orange, thank you very much), and they’re also really comfortable.  And I am like the princess and the pea with sheets and bedding, man — I have rejected numerous pillowcases in my life for being too scratchy.  In fact, I was starting to worry I might never again be a natural fiber pillowcase person, until I bought these wonderful sheets.  Yes, they’re from Target.  I’m in grad school, remember?  Target is my friend, and not just because it’s clean and wide open and beautifully planned and so far away that it feels like a field trip.  No, Target is my friend because on my last trip, I bought new sheets, a 12 pack of Diet Cherry Coke, freshly made popcorn, and a really tasty mojito mix thing.  ALL ON SALE.

Yeah.  These are the things I celebrate right now.

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3 Responses to Sleepy endorsement

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  2. Star Straf says:

    Yes bamboo fabric is made of the same bamboo. I have some bamboo yarn – very very soft

  3. someone says:

    Then bamboo, for its strength in sheet-making and also its firmness in cutting boards, is my new favorite plant.

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