Regifted with love

I have reached an age, or a cohort, or… something, where I find myself often seriously pondering wine as a gift.  The problem with this is that I a) know nothing about wine and b) often don’t even like it.  I am edging my way into white wine drinking, via Moscat and Riesling and Lambrusco, but almost everything else — almost all of the wines that people actually drink — simply don’t register with me yet.

Which is why these would be perfect for me:

They’re from Popptags, and they’re “carefully designed and beautifully pressed on recycled paper.”  They’re also $20 for 6 tags, which is just outside of my $0.00 gift tag budget.

Whenever I see things like this, I think, first, hey, I could make that, and then I think, but should I?  These women came up with the tags, they’re cute and catchy, they’re obviously trying to make a go of this as a business, shouldn’t they get to decide to charge too much for them?  Isn’t it… I don’t know, wrong, theft, perhaps, to steal an idea like this, even if it’s not for profit?

But wouldn’t I make my own Pepsi if I could get the recipe right?

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