The slippery slope of showing skin

The NYT has a story on the “new trend” in men’s fashion, which is wearing shorts to work.  Take for instance 90-something-year-old lawyer Hyman Gross, pictured here.

“It seems so strange on an over-90-degree day to subject yourself to sartorial rigidity,” he said. Better yet: “I travel to and fro in shorts,” said Mr. Gross, who also wears his short pants to the ballet and the opera. “No one has ever spoken to me about it. And if anyone decides they don’t like it or they won’t take me, it’s their loss.”

Yes, bravo, Mr. Gross.  This is how I used to feel about my blue Adidas (may they rest in peace).

The rest of the Times‘s examples of the changing informality in men’s fashion, however, are just plain comic:

The willingness of men to expand the amount of skin they are inclined to display can be gauged by the short-sleeved shirts Senator Barack Obama has lately favored; the muscle T-shirts Anderson Cooper wears on CNN assignment; and the Armani billboard in which David Beckham, the soccer star, appears nearly nude.

OH MY GOD!! It’s the SLIPPERY SLOPE OF MALE NUDITY!  Quick, button those blazers, gentlemen, or soon you, too, could be MARRIED to Posh Spice!

(I swear I do more every day than read and regurgitate the New York Times.  But through the caffeine haze, I can’t tell you what exactly that stuff is).

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