Bears Round Three: Gary Busey is in on it

As I’ve long suspected, Gary Busey is absolutely frickin’ bonkers. Please see: “I’m With Busey” for details. But combine the crazy of Gary Busey with the unparalleled evil cunning of bears, and you have the scariest thing since… well, watch the video and I’ll come up with something while it plays.

Scariest thing since the box-office returns on The Happening. (It’s late, gimme a break).

Speaking of money, let us now do some math:
Bears = Scary
Gary Busey = Crazy
By this logic:
GARY BUSEY * BEARS = WAY SCARIER THAN GARY BUSEY ALONE! (and at least ten times more likely to not only eat you, but rearrange your furniture).

I call this “The Busey Rule,” because essentially crazy times anything increases the original good or bad exponentially. For example: Gary Busey * Ice Cream = Awesome — probably something like watermelon honey LSD swirl. Gary Busey * Dick Cheney, however, would equal something like nuclear holocaust where the world turned to liquid soap.

(Also, do not try to divide by Gary Busey. Bad stuff, man).

In short, bears = still bad. Have a happy weekend.

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