Ben Folds takes one for Team Me

I can tell that I’m worried or anxious about something by the quality of the music I’m listening to.  Happy with life?  A constant cycle of hair-rending indie sob stories will fill my iPod.  If I’m worried about pending assignments or if it’s just transient, temporary anxiety — travel fears, for instance — then I generally fall back on soundtracks or carefully crafted playlists of up-tempo sad songs (Ryan Adams and Guster mixed with Spoon and Death Cab/Postal Service on one list);  But if there’s a monumental election and Other Big Life Crap coming up post-haste?  I can’t even say what I’ve been tempted to purchase and listen to recently.  It’s The Music That Shall Not Be Named.  Just imagine (ok, everyone but you, MOE Northern Branch, because I’ve seen where your imagination goes and this has nothing to do with clowns) the worst possible music, in terms of taste and maturity, and know that it or some of its friends has probably been auditioned for iTunes store purchase recently.

Luckily, I had a birthday a while back, and my fabulous sister has helped me to break the impending Bad Music Cycle by buying me good music.  And now I want to share.  So, hey, everyone, did you know Ben Folds has a new album?  (I know, it came out nearly a month ago, but I got it Saturday.  So it’s still new here).  Here’s a fabulous video of “Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head),” the first song.

Let me say in three splendid bullet points why this is good:

  • This video uses little plastic people.
  • This is a song, in part, about having a concussion.  Quick, name a better concussion song.  Oh, you can’t?  That’s because there aren’t any better concussion songs.  Yeah.
  • This video uses Finger Lights to spotlight the plasticky people.  If you’ve spent any time with me since December, you know I’m a little fixated on Finger Lights.  They are available online via many rave sites (and, of course, Amazon), but they’re also available at your local Tractor Supply in the gum aisle, in case you need some for yourself.  Also, yes, I’m sure plasticky has a k.

I also got the new Lucinda Williams album, Little Honey.  It’s very good, too, but I couldn’t find any videos that use plastic people and Finger Lights, so Ben Folds wins, tonight.

Now, off to update iPod.

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1 Response to Ben Folds takes one for Team Me

  1. Pasquino says:

    ROFL! I’ve been called out. I feel so…honored and sort of weepy.

    You realize, of course, it’s now my only goal in life to determine the Music That Shall Not Be Named. I will give this matter some consideration and post my thoughts at a later date.

    Finger lights and plastic people are Good Things, for those so disposed. I’ve not really been obsessed with much of anything lately. That really just means that when I hit on something it will completely overtake me in a tsunami of obsession that will leave me wracked and disarrayed in its wake.

    Honestly, I had no idea BF5 had a new album out. Is this their second album? Incidentally, Seal has a new album out in early November. It’s a cover album…of classic soul songs. His website has a video. You should watch it. It’s awesome. I’m not allowed to watch it anymore. I keep licking the screen.

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