Tech madness

I love gadgets.  A quick look around my house or into my backpack would tell you this.  I’m always lusting after some new toy, and among my friends, I’m probably the most likely to have the newest shiny object (or at least to be able to list its retail price and features on cue).

But the tax on this love is often the frustration that comes with all of my gadgetry.  The best representation of this is my TiVo.  I love TiVo.  Love the service, love the device, love the idea, even love the customer support people.  But last year, my TiVo died, out of warranty, and it became such a pain in the wallet to find a new one that I put it off for a year.  When I finally bought a new (well, refurbished) TiVo early this month, I left it in its box for nearly three weeks just because I still had the lingering ugly memories of our last set-up fight.

Tonight, we did battle.  It took only an hour, which was less than I predicted, and despite a few minor frustrations this new series integrates much more cleanly with my stupid, stupid Comcast Motorola cable box. 

The only problem we had was when the TiVo abruptly turned the channel to the “700 Club” and then lost its ability to change channels for half an hour.

That’s not a sign, right?  I mean — this is worse than my original TiVo’s obsession with “Magnum, P.I.”

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2 Responses to Tech madness

  1. Darcy says:

    I hope your Tivo works out. I love Tivo, too.

  2. Jenn says:

    So far, so good! We’re definitely getting along very nicely.

    It really does change how you watch TV, doesn’t it?

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