Movies of 2008

According to My Movies on IMDB, I saw 60 new-to-me movies this year.  I’m sure I’ve missed a few in there, but I usually keep pretty close track.  They range from the average to the amazing, so because I’m killing time while my family naps… maybe I’ll make a list.

Five I’m Glad I Saw in the Theater:

1. The Dark Knight.  Obvious, I know, but… so glad.
2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Had I waited to watch it at home, I don’t think I would’ve liked this as much, because it’s the constant attention demanded by the theater experience that made it so emotionally gripping.
3. WALL-E.  The digital effects would have lost a lot on my old, non-HD TV.
4. Shine A Light.  Would not have been the same at home, without a major sound system upgrade.
5. Iron Man.  Both times.
5. (tie) First Blood.  The experience of Rambo for the first time in the theater really can’t be repeated.  And that introduction interview of Sylvester Stallone was the funniest theater I saw all year.

Five That Could’ve Waited for Video:
1. 21.  Kind of blah.  I feel like Kevin Spacey may be over, no matter what size the screen is.
2. Definitely, Maybe. A perfect microwave-popcorn movie.  Should have paired it with 27 Dresses.
3. Vantage Point.  It’s good that we’ve come far enough in filmmaking that I found this movie unsurprising and of average quality.  Ten years ago it would’ve been cool.
4. In Bruges.  I liked this movie quite a bit, but it would’ve benefitted from the ability to rewind or caption parts of it, as my ear for dialect isn’t perfect.
5. Made of Honor.  Still can’t really remember why I went to see that in the theater.  Was nothing else playing?

Five I Can’t Believe I Hadn’t Seen Before This Year:
1. Saved!.  Yeah.  That was great.
2. The 40 Year Old Virgin.  Maybe I didn’t see it because I object to its lack of hyphens?
3. The Italian Job.  Kind of a great Saturday movie.  Just fun and zippy.
4. No Country for Old Men.
5. Tomorrow Never Dies and Live and Let Die.  Maybe I just think I’m a James Bond fan, because I’ve apparently seen very few of the older James Bond films.  Jane Seymour!  Who knew?

And finally, my favorites:
The Dark Knight
Iron Man
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Quantum of Solace
Tropic Thunder
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Now I’m getting excited about 2009’s movies.  The first one I saw this year?  The Women, with my mother and sister, which provided at least a number of interesting jumping-off points for conversation.  And really, really made me want a manicure.

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