The Vegan Goods

Every time I travel to Kansas, I satisfy a few strange Midwestern food itches (homemade zwieback, the antithesis of homemade Italian at Fazoli’s, chili con queso at Carlos O’Kelleys, etc.) and come back to Oregon with a few specific cravings — namely, restaurants that have more than one meatless item on the menu. Eugene has been a godsend for this type of cuisine. Nearly anywhere you go, there’s a veggie option — even burger joints have gardenburgers at the ready.

To understand the difference in meat cultures, you really don’t have to go any further than that there’s an entire blog dedicated to Vegan Reubens based in Portland. Sure, you could write the same blog in Kansas City, but it would be one entry long, and that entry would look like this:

So hungry. 😦

Said Portland blog came down to ol’ Eugene last week to review our very own Vegan Reuben. I’m now ridiculously excited to try Viva! Vegetarian Grill, the food cart on Willamette that serves not only vegan tempeh reubens but — how can it be? — vegan philly cheesesteak sandwiches alongside its menu of (faux) hot dogs and tempeh satay. They offer $1 if you go when it’s raining — which sounds like an every day discount to me.


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