Another Prius Problem

by Wikipedia User Chris73

I’m hoping the NYT quoted this guy wrong in its story about the possible Prius problems:

Tim Ahern, a spokesman for the environmental group the Trust for the Public Land, said he had bought a Prius for his commute from Sacramento — about 80 miles east of here — for the same reason cited by many buyers: Mother Earth.

“I was driving,” Mr. Ahern said. “But I was also doing something good for the environment.”

But on Wednesday, he said he was stunned that the Prius might have problems and had called his Toyota dealer for more information. Unfortunately, he said, there was little information to be had.

“So,” he said, “looks like I’m riding the train for a while.”

OK, the Prius is a cool car. But dude, it’s still a car. As long as you are driving it, you’re not doing something good for the environment. You’re doing something less bad. That’s commendable! I’m all for it! If your job, however, is to be a spokesman for an environmental group, well — maybe you should pick your words carefully, and also not talk so much about how you’ve been driving instead of taking the train.

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