Saying good-bye to a tech friend

I have been using the Flock Web browser for about a year and a half. I have loved it, because it has made blogging so, so much easier. It has a built-in writing window that can be opened at any time when I want to jot down notes; it automatically saves drafts as you type; it lets you toggle between WYSIWYG mode and HTML mode with a simple click, and provides a reliable preview. Add to this, the browser incorporates a media uploading service that allows me to right-click on any image I find on the Web and, with no more than three clicks, have it uploaded to the photo hosting service of my choice, and, well, you’ve got a winning blogging platform.

But now, I have to make a change.

For the last few weeks, Flock has been running unbelievably slow. I get the spinning wheel of doom sometimes with every click. GMail is slow to load. The New York Times is slow to load. I’ve tried all of the company’s suggested fixes; nothing is working. The thing is just hideously slow, even on my fastest computer. All the convenience in the world isn’t worth having to wait an extra five seconds (which feels like an eternity) for a single mail message to open.

It’s a sign of how much I love this platform that it’s taken me a long string of daily annoyances to finally give up on it. But I am giving up, at least in the short term. Which means I need new blogging software.

I’ve turned to MarsEdit, which has come highly recommended. I’m not yet completely in love with it, since it’s going to require more hands-on coding than Flock’s writer ever did, but it’s passable. I just can’t quite get excited about paying $30 for it after a month’s trial.

Anyone else using software they love? I’m open to suggestions.

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2 Responses to Saying good-bye to a tech friend

  1. Muneer says:

    Windows Live Writer is surprisingly good. It interfaces with all the major blog platforms and can do a variety of things. Best of all, it’s free.

  2. Jenn says:

    Sadly, until they make a Mac version (ha ha), that one’s off limits for me. I see it getting good reviews everywhere, though, and I wish I could make it work. I used to have it on my PC running Vista, but it crashed the whole machine every time I used it thanks to some software conflict.

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