Starbucks Gets New Ginormo Sized-Drink, Jenn Approves

By Flickr User Rudolf_Schuba/CC licensedFlickr User: Rudolph Schuba/CC license 2.0

Starbucks is currently test-marketing a 31-ounce drink, which in Starbucks Size Code will be called “Trenta.” This would provide a full 11 ounces more per cup than the largest size now (my friend “Venti”). Unfortunately for my tastebuds — but probably to the advantage of my skipping heartbeat — they’re only testing iced coffee and iced tea in these sizes right now.

So that means I can pay $1 for a 32 ounce cup of Diet Coke at McDonald’s, laden with ice, or I can pay, oh, I’m guessing, $845 (OK, Reuters says $3.30) for one ounce less of tasty iced coffee with vanilla and milk.

Be still my over-caffeinated heart.

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