Census reveals Michael Steele Less Popular than Ever

The economy being what it is, I hate to recommend staff cuts to anyone — but since Republicans have been so generous in their advice to Democrats lately, I guess I could offer this friendly suggestion: You should probably fire Michael Steele fire Michael Steele.

Apparently, he had a great idea, to send out fake-but-official-looking Census letters that are really fundraising notes from the RNC. Yes, that’s not going to make people less likely to fill out their actual census forms or anything. So some folks in the House — wait, ALL the folks in the House voted to ban “misleading mailings designed to appear they’re from the bureau.”

That’s right: 170 Republicans voted WITH 246 Democrats on something, and that something was confirmation that Michael Steele is an idiot.

Bi-partisanship at its finest.

via Think Progress » 170 House Republicans rebuff Steele by voting to ban RNC’s ‘Census’ mailer..

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