Petraeus for President?

I feel kind of meh about the prospect of Gen. David Petraeus as a potential presidential candidate. This isn’t because I don’t think he could be an effective candidate — an Eisenhower figure for our time — but because I tend to believe that he’s truly not interested. Why would you want to top a successful career with a job that’s absolutely guaranteed to be way harder than you think and also guaranteed to destroy your reputation as the smartest guy in your field?

Petraeus to New Hampshire – Ben Smith –

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2 Responses to Petraeus for President?

  1. punterjoe says:

    Very good question. Of course, I kept asking myself that about Barrack Obama. God knows this country needs all the competent, able people it can get to help us out of our multifaceted mess. ..Especially since so many left the public sector from disillusionment or were hounded out to make way for croneys by past partisan administrations.
    I’m a bit disappointed that everyone wants to be top dog and few are interested in being expert-advisor or other “support staff” – the critical crew required to actually get stuff done.
    Whenever I see someone seeking the Presidency, I now assume it’s all about ego and not really about any sense of civic service.

  2. Star says:

    but that would put me two handshakes away from the presidential canidate (our director is friends with him)

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