National Internet Radio

NPR logoI’m forming a theory. It goes something like this: The Internet saved NPR. I listen to a bit more NPR right now than I have in years, and I’ve been struck by the number of times the reporters and anchors say, “You’ll find it at our Web site,” I’m even more surprised by the number of times I actually check out said Web site for that content.

Think of the ways that NPR uses the Internet. It broadcasts and podcasts its shows there; it provides extra content, like first listens of albums on its music page and streaming concerts, photos to accompany its radio pieces, and even video clips. It has several great blogs, including one that has a life of its own: Planet Money, which has morphed from a small segment into its own fantastic multimedia experience.

Now, NPR has announced they’re optimized for iPad. Woohoo!

Half the fun of this for me is that I still  have to listen to NPR on AM radio most of the time.

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