I Agree (Shudder) With Dick Armey

Dick ArmeyI never really thought this day would come, but I think the former House Majority Leader has a point here, as shown at Think Progress.  Apparently, Armey stood up at a luncheon yesterday and said Representative Tom Tancredo’s anti-immigration stance is alienating a “natural constituency [Latinos]” from Republicans.

This is one of the dirty little secrets of the two parties at the moment. Democrats are often (though not consistently) more pro-immigrant than Republicans, so they have been largely more attractive to Latino immigrants. Yet in terms of values, Latino voters are often more aligned with Republicans on social issues, in a repeat performance of Midwestern farmers voting against their own interests.

Eventually, this tide may turn, if Republicans figure out what they’re doing wrong. It would take a very cynical U-turn for many of them, but John McCain has certain proven that’s not so hard.

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