Lovely words, lovely thoughts: Ta-Nehisi Coates on #HCR

I read this guy at least once a day, and though I often cringe at the typos and the mix-ups, I keep coming back because it turns out good writing is at least 75 percent about good thinking, and he’s got that down. Writing about Health Care, after quoting Obama, he says:

It’s been charged by people on the far right that health care reform is reparations in disguise. This is false on its face. Reparations has always been argued as a transfer of resources to black people, meant to amend for slavery, Jim Crow or both. Health care reform, in contrast is a resource transfer from the wealthy to the less wealthy–regardless of color. We can debate  whether that’s prudent, whether that’s government’s right, or other questions undergirding the basic differences between left and right. But what’s important to me, as a progressive, is how this legislation unquestionably helps black people by casting their problems as American problems.

This isn’t a matter of boats and tides. It’s a matter of how you see the world, and the tools you embrace to change it.  I would submit that it’s worth recognizing those moments when the problems of East New York look like the problems of East Kentucky. We were never simply fighting racism. We were fighting injustice. Post-1968, injustice got sophisticated. Why shouldn’t we do the same?

I’m up for that.

I’m also left to wonder if there’s a way to reframe the immigration debate similarly.

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