Music in review: Ben Folds on “Mess”

Roby was looking for new music last night, and I was playing with Grooveshark. Somehow, making a small Flaming Lips test list led me to making a much larger Ben Folds playlist, and I found a few iTunes “exclusive” interview bits that I’d never heard before. One was 2 minutes of mourning for my favorite Ben Folds Five album, The Unauthorized Autobiography of Reinhold Messner. Here, Folds discusses “Mess”:

Mess was… the song is about just realizing you’ve hit the point in your life, where, you definitely — it’s a loss of innocence song, for sure — that you’ve made a mess.  It’s like at this point, there’s really — the next person I meet, I thought when I wrote this song, the next person that I’m with, I can now no longer completely explain my history. I have enough baggage to where that’s not possible anymore, and they’re just gonna have to take it from, this is a new clean slate.

Mess. Mm.

I’m sure I should have something deep to say about this, but really, no. I like what he’s saying. I see a story or two in it. It fits with my understanding of the song and enhances it. It makes me want to hear the whole thing again, in order.

Me gusta Ben Folds. It’s strange to hear him sound so serious and grim a day after watching his Chatroulette video, in which he is at his quirky, humorous best.

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3 Responses to Music in review: Ben Folds on “Mess”

  1. Kristen says:

    How did the Flaming Lips test go, anyway?

  2. Jenn says:

    I sent you my Grooveshark list. Dunno if Roby’s listened yet, but how can you not get addicted to the Flaming Lips

  3. Roby says:

    It went well. Listened to a few of the tracks and enjoyed them. I’ll be getting some of that. Still digging into the other suggestions. I did find an interesting album whilst I was digging. It’s actually Beck with the Flaming Lips on 3 tracks, Beck and Norah Jones on one, and two others with folks I haven’t heard of. Haven’t listened to it yet, but I’m thinking it’ll be pretty cool.

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