Who’s Chelsea Handler, Again?

The two cultural phenomena that I feel most disconnected from right now are the rises of Chelsea Handler and Justin Bieber. I understand the pattern for the fame of both, and I know in the past I would have been a likely candidate to like at least Handler’s work — or to be curious enough to seek some of it out.  Yet I can’t seem to muster the interest to even surf YouTube for her routines.

Likewise Justin Bieber.  I’ve seen him on magazine covers and trending on Twitter, but I just don’t care.  And it’s weird that I don’t care, because I’m not particularly apt to fall into the “everyone likes them so I won’t” pit of blackness.

There’s just so much else to be fascinated by right now. It makes me feel sort of old — not in a good way — that I’m prepared to let the New York Times process culture for me. I know by the time it hits the Times it’s not even cool to be interested any more, but as I read the NYT profile of Handler today, I did hear myself think: Well, now maybe I know enough to talk to someone about this if I ever have to, or at least enough to fake my way through that conversation.

Is that the entire purpose of the Times magazine? If so, can they hurry up and profile Justin Bieber?

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