Unconstitutional Laws as a Way of Life

I find it disingenuous that Karl Rove is opposed to the recent passage of Arizona’s immigration law because there will be “some constitutional problems with the bill.” Did he not get the memo that the new GOP way of pushing forward extremely conservative agendas is to pass unconstitutional bills?

For instance, yesterday’s passage in Oklahoma of the nation’s strictest abortion laws. These laws require doctors “to give women a detailed description of the fetus, and to undergo an ultrasound before getting an abortion,” which could force some women (including victims of rape and incest) to endure a vaginal probe sonogram before they can get a legal medical procedure. Yeah, that state-mandated probe is exactly as invasive as it sounds.

The bill was vetoed by Governor Bill Henry, who says it’s a waste of time:

“Both laws will be challenged and, in all likelihood, overturned by the courts as unconstitutional,” Henry said after the override votes. “I fear this entire exercise will ultimately be a waste of taxpayers’ time and money.”

A waste from my side of the aisle, yeah. From the other side, though, where the ultimate goal is the mainstreaming of extraordinarily conservative ideals, even if the law lasts only a month or two, that’s plenty of time. They’ve achieved their biggest political goal already.

Likewise with Arizona’s immigration bill. Even if parts of it are struck down — and that seems inevitable — the legislature has already proven its “toughness” on the matter.

This is as much legislating for the sake of making a point as it is legislating for the common good. Taken to the extreme, it’s where things like the birther bill (another Arizona classic) come from. It doesn’t matter if it passes and it doesn’t matter if it can remain law — it doesn’t matter what the Constitution says at all! It just matters, to those who would promote these laws, what they believe should happen.

It’s almost like not living in a real country at all.

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2 Responses to Unconstitutional Laws as a Way of Life

  1. ZwhocanSEE says:

    A bad economy, people scared and the Banks, Govt. and others powers that caused it manipulating dummy puppets that are wide-open to spin to be blaming the wrong people as usual. For all those who scream CONSITUTION–it’s clear they’re never read it. UCLA’s Fowler Museum has a timely exhibit called Art Activism Access: 40 Years of Ethnic Studies at UCLA chronicaling 40 years of protest.
    Chicano artist/muralist Gronk has been painting 2 murals based on “the current ethnic struggle”during open museum hours–and talking to visitors about his work and process. The mural he completed LAST week–raw footage on my blog zartofwellness.com–had no title yet when I filmed. Last night he announced its title:
    “In Olde Aryanzona.” It’s almost like living in Germany in the 1930’s.

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