Weird fact of the day: Ferret Legging

I had no idea:

An ancient English “sport” called “ferret legging” has contributed to the myths about ferret behaviour. The contestant had to tie his trouser legs around the ankles, then place two ferrets down his trousers before tying the waist closed. The object was to be the person that keeps the ferrets in his trousers the longest. Many people only lasted a few minutes before the ferrets nipped them, causing them to release them in a panic. The poor creatures must have been terrified, and it is no wonder that contestants were often bitten. Fortunately, ferret-legging has waned in popularity as awareness of animal welfare has increased.

Someone, please send decent hobbies to England stat. I say this with all the authority of one who has, yes, attended the Ferret Agility Trials (formerly the Ferret Olympics, before the Olympic Committee objected). No ferrets were harmed, or legged, in that experience.

That’s from an article about how ferrets might be the new celebrity purse pet. Here’s my question: Do celebrities not have enough crap in their purses already?

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