No knead green olive baguettes


This weekend I discovered that you can grind your own whole wheat flour at our grocery store. Combine that with last weekend’s discovery off the tastiness of these vegan no-knead baguettes and you can imagine how strangely yeasty and righteous my kitchen is this morning.

I’ve been reading the newest Michael Pollan book, Cooked, and the newest Mark Bittman book, Vegan before 6, and I just got the newest Martha Stewart cookbook (Martha’s American Food) for mother’s day, so it’s shaping up to be a fascinating food summer around here.

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3 Responses to No knead green olive baguettes

  1. JulietWaters says:

    Wow. No knead baguettes! Definitely going to try that. And maybe new Michael Pollan too. But my local grocery store, though excellent for vegans, does not grind flour. Will have to make do with pre-ground.

    • Jenn K says:

      Ah, rats, and then I didn’t even get the link posted. I was experimenting with posting from my new phone. Good work, me! The vegan baguette recipe is at: I adapted it slightly, using 2 cups whole wheat and 1 cup all purpose flour the first time and three cups of whole wheat bread flour the second time. It’s good both ways! I also chopped the olives up the second time and mixed them in with the dough — very tasty. Next, I’ll try that with garlic.

      • JulietWaters says:

        Thanks. I realized after I commented that there was no way to find the recipe. And that you’d changed blogging home! Will follow you there.

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